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Organisation: OAS
LEI 549300O0M58XBX4UN158

Il y a eu un défaut de l'émetteur des obligations en 2015
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Construction d'ouvrages
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2.527 millions USD

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With over 30 years of operations in the market, oas is one of the leaders of the heavy-duty construction industry, present in the national territory and in three engineering segments. The oas operates in the civil and heavy construction industry; oas empreendimentos is the company's real estate division; and oas investimentos is responsible for private investments in infrastructure and government service concessions. oas has a compromise with the quality of its businesses and it seeks the continuous satisfaction of its customers, the improvement in the quality of life of its supporters, the environmental preservation and respect to society. oas has as mission to overcome the expectations of its customers of the public and private sectors, rendering services of Engineering - Planning, Performance and management of Works and Concessions. Focused in overcoming challenges, oas counts on motivated professionals and with diversified managerial qualification. All its achievements are consequence of the work of a team competent and compromised with the set forth goals.




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